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Where Therapies Go Viral

On the pathway to treating patients, missing your target is not an option. At Vyriad, we engineer targeted, efficient and stable virus platforms that bring durable in vivo gene therapies, genome editing, and oncolytic virotherapies to patients. Our success is born out of purposeful collaborations with our partners and a holistic approach to therapeutic development that combines capabilities in preclinical development, manufacturing, and clinical expertise.

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A Cross-Functional Approach

Delivering the next generation of targeted genetic therapies requires skill, teamwork and infrastructure. We are built from the ground up to combine world-class science with cross-functional teams that integrate preclinical development, manufacturing and clinical expertise. We work in partnership with each other and our collaborators to engineer the most appropriate and effective viral delivery solution for each therapy.

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Our Platforms

Based on an approach that has been proven in the clinic, Vyriad develops targeted, efficient and stable virus platforms that facilitate a variety of applications, including in vivo CAR-T therapies, gene editing, and oncolytic virotherapies. Our approach to engineering viral vectors, viruses and viral envelope glycoproteins to deliver genes directly to targeted cells leverages learnings from successful development and delivery of vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) and measles-based oncolytic viruses.

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Clinical Programs

Clinical trials with our oncolytic viruses, as monotherapies or in combination with immuno-oncology drugs, are underway in multiple cancer indications in collaboration with Regeneron, Mayo Clinic and other leading research and medical institutions around the world.

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We are uniquely positioned to address the challenges of in vivo gene therapy, gene editing, and oncolytic virus delivery with our partners. Our interdisciplinary team leverages a collaborative end-to-end approach to development that tailors the attributes of each targeted viral delivery solution to our partners’ unique needs.

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Our Company

Founded by scientists at Mayo Clinic, Vyriad has remained rooted in Rochester, Minnesota, where the company’s founding mission to realize the therapeutic potential of engineered viruses has evolved into purposeful collaborations with world leading medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies that are advancing the development of targeted genetic therapies around the world.

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Join Us

At Vyriad, we are relentlessly curious and singularly dedicated to engineering viruses for targeted genetic medicines. Our team of over 90 scientists and supporting professionals bring their passion and diverse expertise from over 15 countries to Rochester, Minnesota.